Reading Workshop

During Shared Writing today half the class wrote about Reading Workshop. They wanted to teach you all about it!

Their piece is titled: “Here Are Some Things To Learn About Reading Workshop”

“Always read quietly. Read the whole time. Turn your chair back to back. Learn how to read because we do Reading Workshop all the time. We read in Reading Workshop. We read Independently. Once you turn your chair start reading a book. We read the whole time but stop reading when the alarm rings. If you don’t like your book don’t whine about it. We got book baskets and we choose our own books, but Ms. Weissman picked out one book for us. We actually got book boxes for putting our books in. But they have to be just right for you.”

And that pretty much sums it up! See pictures below for more information on Reading in Room 7.


#2 and #3 are empowering for emergent readers. Children can read a story by looking at the pictures and figuring out what’s happening, or by retelling one that has been read to them multiple times.


Have a purpose for choosing a book (a particular topic, a favorite author, etc.), choose a book that’s interesting to you, understand what’s happening in the story, (by looking at the pictures or reading the words), and know most of the words (a child shouldn’t use this one until they are reading words).


After a mini-lesson (whole-class, direct instruction from me) at the beginning of Reading Workshop, children then read independently at their desks. They each have a book box which contains a handful of books they have chosen from our class library. They go book shopping once a week to trade out their past week’s book and choose new ones for the upcoming week.


I first taught the children all about what it means to build stamina through an analogous about training for my first half marathon. I then equated it to reading. We are up to 7 strong minutes of completely focused, independent reading, and are well on our way to conquering 8. This achievement is impressive for the 5th week of Kindergarten!

Happy Reading!!!


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