The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

You might have heard about Redwood Heights’ focus on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this school year. “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948. Compiled after the horrors of World War II, its purpose was to state and protect the rights of all people.”

Last week Ms. Stone came in to read a wonderful children’s book to our class that offers a kid-friendly take on these basic rights, titled We Are All Born Free. Then children wrote and illustrated their own ideas about what everyone should be entitled to have and do. Below are a few highlights for you. Pretty amazing! Everyone’s work is displayed on one of the bulletin boards in the lobby. Check it out next time you’re here!

human rights 1

Top blue: “Everybody should play outside and be free.” -Molly

Top green: “You should not be picked on or bullied.” -Wes

Middle green: “Everybody should have a valentine on Valentine’s Day.” -Avery

Middle blue: “Feelings should come to everybody.”

Bottom pink: “Everybody should have love and dance class.” -Abigail

Bottom green: “Everybody should have a family. Everybody should have money. And everybody should be free.” -Eli


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