The Marshmallow Challenge

On Friday we completed our Science Projects: Each child participated in The Marshmallow Challenge! We progressed through the scientific process, first asking “How high can I build my marshmallow tower?” and “What will make it tall and strong?” Then students made hypotheses, guessing how tall they thought they could build their tower, and what sorts of shapes and structures might allow it to stand tall. Then we completed the experiment, building towers out of only spaghetti, tape, string, and a marshmallow.



Then we measured, recorded our data, and reflected on what worked.



I commended the children for their scientific behavior: persevering to get their tower to stand, and learning from what didn’t work.

We will be displaying our marshmallow towers and small science project posters at the Science Fair tomorrow, and visiting the fair with our 3rd grade buddies. 

See more photos here.




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