April Harvest of the Month: Cucumbers!


Dear Parents,

Just like kids, cucumbers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. This month we will explore this delicious and nutritious vegetable (fruit?)!

Often when I introduce a topic, I complete a “KWL” chart with the students. They tell what they Know about the topic, and then what they Want to know. After the unit, they share what they’ve Learned. Here is what the students said for our KWL chart on cucumbers today.

What we Know about cucumbers:

“You can make sushi with them. My mom puts them in sushi.”

“You can turn cucumbers into pickles.”

“They are tasty and good for you.”

“Cucumbers are pickles.”

“They are green.”

“The are healthy.”

“They’re juicy.”

“If you squeeze them hard they pop into your mouth.”

“We do Harvest of the Month so we can find out more things we like to eat.”

What we Want to know about cucumbers:

“What do they grow out of?”

“Do they come from seeds? Do they grow above the ground?”

“What culture do they come from?”

“How do they grow?”

“What do they taste like?”

Stay tuned for the last section, “What We’ve Learned…”


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