Confusing Lowercase b and d No More!


Clap your hands, then hold your hands with palms facing each other, then stick your pointer fingers into the air by curving your three other fingers down to touch your thumbs. You are now making a lowercase b on your left hand and a lowercase d on your right hand. Now place these hand formations onto the sentence strip your child brought home today to complete the first four letters of the alphabet. Now have your child show you the same thing, and play a game with them. They can make the letters b and d on their hands as described above and hold their hands in their lap. You can say quickly, “Show me b!” and they have to put their left hand in it’s b shape onto the sentence strip. Continue in this manner trying to trick them, and seeing how fast they can do it. “Show me b! Show me d! Show me b! Show me d! Show me d!” From now on, when your child stumbles over b or d while reading or writing, refer back to this hand trick (“Show me on your hands, which one is it?”). Hope this helps!


One thought on “Confusing Lowercase b and d No More!

  1. Avery showed me this trick as soon as I picked her up! Thanks! Gwen

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