First Visit to the RHS Library

Photo Sep 05, 10 22 51 AM

Today we visited the school library for the first time. Ms. Moullen, our library and a former RHS parent, read the book No David! by David Shannon. Then we played a game modeled after some similar activities we’ve been doing in class wherein the students chose scenarios out of a hat (e.g. “David climbs on the library shelves” or “David says thank you when he checks out his book”) and then say “Yes David!” or “No David!” and place the scenario on the correct side of the board (see picture). Then the students got to choose a book to check out from a handful of book bins. They were very excited to bring home a book. Even one student who at first didn’t want to check out a book ended up excitedly bringing one home. Enjoy reading your child’s new library book with them this weekend!

Photo Sep 05, 10 33 54 AM

Photo Sep 05, 10 39 24 AM  Photo Sep 05, 10 39 02 AM

Our library day is FRIDAY! Please create a routine at home to support your child in remembering to put his/her book in their backpack Thursday afternoon/evening or Friday morning to bring to school to return. If a child forgets their book, they will be able to look at books but will not be able to check out a new book until they bring their old book back (or pay a replacement fee if it is lost). Please help your child take responsibility for bringing their book back. If they come to school and say “My mom forgot to put it in my back pack” I’m going to tell them that THEY forgot to put it in their backpack 🙂

Happy reading!

Photo Sep 05, 10 38 57 AM


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