Class Rules

Photo Sep 08, 4 25 05 PM

Today we talked about our class rules. We talked in particular about the importance of Rule #2 in order to have peace and happiness in the classroom, school, and world. Then I charted the rules in front of the students, and I talked about how listening to my voice and watching as I write each word will help them learn to read and write. They read the rules out loud chorally, carefully matching the word they said aloud with the word to which I was pointing. (Developing the voice/print correspondence–that each word on the page matches a word said aloud (and even what a word is!)–is key for emerging readers.) Each child “signed” their name, which they learned means they will do their very best to follow these rules. Every so often, ask your child to remind you about the classroom rules, and give an example of how they follow one of them.


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