Moon Festival

Photo Sep 11, 10 57 56 AMToday we had a special guest! Carys’ dad, Chris, came in and we were treated to a father-daughter presentation of the Chinese Moon Festival, which took place on Monday. This festival celebrates the full moon that appears biggest and closest to earth of any day in the year. It is also a time to, traditionally, celebrate the wheat and rice harvests. It is a time to be with family, eat moon cakes, make and light lanterns, and make wishes to the moon for health, safety, and happiness for the upcoming year.

Carys and her family made each child in the class a paper lantern and distributed them to the students today. She also taught us how to make one, and each child did. They are hanging in the classroom and will come home tomorrow! I also read a children’s book about the holiday that Carys brought in, and we drew pictures of our secret wishes on round sheets of paper that represented the moon.

Photo Sep 11, 6 34 22 PM

The children loved the lanterns and were very concerned with how to light them up. They came up with lots of great ideas for contraptions to rig candlelight or electric light into the lantern. (I, of course, reminded them to only do that with an adult, as the lanterns are small and made of PAPER 🙂 Enjoy!

 Photo Sep 11, 6 16 28 PM


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