Spotlight on Math: Counting Collections

We have started our first math unit of the year: “Understanding Numbers 1-10.” Don’t worry, this will not be a repeat from preschool! We delve deeply into number sense, problem solving, and make sure to build strong conceptual understanding.

Common Core Standards we will be covering during this unit:

Photo Sep 15, 5 31 46 PM

This unit will last approximately one month and will consist of an Entry Task, Formative Task, Expert Task, and Summative Task (developed by OUSD in collaboration with math lead teachers), interspersed with lessons and activities from OUSD’s newly adopted math curriculum “Math Expressions.” Last week we completed our Entry Task over the course of a few days. Children counted collections of objects (legos, linker cubes, plastic flowers, sea shells, rings, beans, etc) and talked and shared about how they counted and how they made sure to count accurately. Here are the charts we made in class (the ideas on the second two charts come 100% from the students, with some adult help in articulation):

Photo Sep 12, 4 24 20 PMPhoto Sep 12, 4 30 07 PM Photo Sep 12, 4 30 13 PM

I cannot underestimate the importance of just counting things! It may seem simple or beyond your child’s ability, but as opposed to simply counting out loud, counting sets of actual objects builds so much critical mathematical understanding. It helps with number sense, one-to-one correspondence, being able to count higher, organization, and early development of the concept of counting by twos, fives, or tens as children start to see how they can make the process of counting a large group of objects more efficient. Give your child counting tasks at home (How many forks do we have? How many pennies in my wallet? How many books do you have? Etc).

Happy counting!

               Photo Sep 12, 2 03 39 PM                     Photo Sep 12, 2 07 29 PM


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