It’s Center Time!

On Fridays we spend a little bit of the morning and the entire afternoon doing centers. The centers are focused on Word Study and review the week’s learning. There are usually five centers and children choose the order in which they complete them. They are responsible for putting all their work in their word study folder. The get to take some center work home!

Here are the centers the students did last week: (Captions below)

Photo Sep 26, 1 22 51 PM

Sound sort: students had to cut out pictures and decide which column to glue them in based on their beginning sound.

Photo Sep 26, 1 22 36 PM

Fruit Loop Letters: Students got to make giant letters by gluing fruit loops

Photo Sep 26, 1 20 02 PM

Donald the Dog and Frazer the Frog puppets: Students got to make their own stick puppets to bring home. I use these puppets throughout the week with them to help teach them letter identification, letter formation, and letter sound.

Photo Sep 26, 1 19 54 PM

Letter formation and handwriting: Students practice forming a few good D’s and F’s (uppercase and lowercase). While their write each letter they say the name and the sound.

Photo Sep 26, 1 19 18 PM Photo Sep 26, 1 19 11 PM

Students get to practice making letters by tracing them in shaving cream! Here Lucia makes uppercase and lowercase B, and Teagan makes the “da” slide (as in “dad”).

Children also have a planning sheet on which they keep track of the centers they’ve completed. The color in the appropriate square when that activity is done. When they finish all the centers, they can get an iPad and do ST Math, Reading Horizons, or Writing Wizard.

Photo Oct 01, 6 30 37 PM

One goal for centers is work independently. I have been keeping track of the children’s questions and appeals for help so that I can figure out what I need to teach them in order to not need my help. We have only done centers twice, but within a month or so I will be able to work with small groups and individuals at the back table while the class completes their centers. The children are, however, only five years old and will need some adult help and guidance. If you can come volunteer for centers on Friday from 12:45-1:30 or 1:50-2:50 it would be very helpful!!

Photo Oct 01, 6 24 22 PM Photo Oct 01, 6 24 28 PM Photo Oct 01, 6 24 36 PM


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