Rain, Cold, Illness, Planning, Assessing, Singing, Ice Cream, Persimmons, Oh My!

It was a bit of a crazy week in Room 7! But at the end of the day (or week for that matter), the children were happy, continued to learn and grow, and we packed a lot in.

The rain always makes everyone a little bonkers–whether we’re cooped up inside all day or playing outside in the drizzle and the puddles. The temps dropped and we had to get the district to come light the school’s heater’s pilot light, so we were without heat for a couple days. I got sick on Tuesday, was out on Wednesday, and back in school Thursday and Friday, teaching in between sneezes, with mild congestion and a hoarse voice. Thursday morning Ms. Fisher and I had our six-week planning meeting. And all week I was pulling students one-by-one to get this trimester’s assessments completed (which I’ll talk about with you at your parent-teacher conference in December). On the upside, we had a special guest, Mr. Tony (Teagan’s dad) come serenade us with fantastic kids’ songs of his own creation. We had our persimmon party today, when we learned all about this wonderful fruit and got to eat such treats as chocolate persimmon muffins, persimmon salsa, dried persimmon, sliced fuyu persimmons from Sawyer’s tree, chopped ultra-sweet hachiya persimmons, dried persimmons of both varieties, persimmon bread, persimmon pudding cake, and more! Every child seriously chowed down. AND, earlier this week, I got my first “special time” date of the year–ice cream at Loard’s with Emily. We ended today with some touching appreciations. This is a really, really sweet group. Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone, whether you’re in LA, Portland, or Oakland, I’m sure you’ll all be thankful for some quality family time and down time. I’ll be spending this weekend at a B&B in little Volcano, CA (in the foothills) for my boyfriend’s birthday, and then packing up our apartment and moving into our new house in Berkeley!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo Nov 18, 12 51 28 PM

Photo Nov 21, 2 18 21 PM Photo Nov 21, 2 11 26 PM Photo Nov 21, 2 10 34 PM

Photo Nov 18, 3 24 57 PMPhoto Nov 18, 3 41 17 PM

Photo Nov 21, 4 14 38 PM


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