Chabot Space and Science Center

Thank you to all the chaperones who drove and helped manage 26 very excited children today! It was a great trip. If you have photos, you can go ahead and send them to everyone. We have several more field trips planned. Keep an eye out for an upcoming email. Thank you to everyone for helping them go incredibly smoothly so far (returning permission slips quickly, sending lunches and booster seats on the days of the trip, following the signing-up-to-drive protocols, etc.)! Here are pictures from our Moon Mania class:

Photo Mar 19, 10 59 25 AM

Collecting moon rocks and checking for composition under a blacklight

Photo Mar 19, 10 58 23 AM

Making the phases of the moon

Photo Mar 19, 10 57 47 AM

Free play with space and spaceship toys

Photo Mar 19, 11 00 12 AM

Making rocketships and launching them to the planets

Photo Mar 19, 11 00 36 AM

Photo Mar 19, 11 03 07 AM

Making the moon with craters


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