Chabot Space and Science Center

Thank you to all the chaperones who drove and helped manage 26 very excited children today! It was a great trip. If you have photos, you can go ahead and send them to everyone. We have several more field trips planned. Keep an eye out for an upcoming email. Thank you to everyone for helping […]

Art and Architecture

Today was our third week as architects. During art class we have been studying architecture and design by looking at beautiful slideshows Ms. Claudia has that showcase interesting houses and buildings from all over the world. These artistic structures are built out of various materials and are all sorts of shapes and sizes. After watching the […]

Student of the Week

Every Monday one child gets the chance to become the student of the week! This child presents their “Read All About Me” poster (email me if you didn’t get one at Back to School Night and I will send one home with your child). They also get to take home our class mascot: Dustin the Desert Turtle […]

It’s Center Time!

On Fridays we spend a little bit of the morning and the entire afternoon doing centers. The centers are focused on Word Study and review the week’s learning. There are usually five centers and children choose the order in which they complete them. They are responsible for putting all their work in their word study […]

Spotlight on Math: Counting Collections

We have started our first math unit of the year: “Understanding Numbers 1-10.” Don’t worry, this will not be a repeat from preschool! We delve deeply into number sense, problem solving, and make sure to build strong conceptual understanding. Common Core Standards we will be covering during this unit: This unit will last approximately one month […]

Moon Festival

Today we had a special guest! Carys’ dad, Chris, came in and we were treated to a father-daughter presentation of the Chinese Moon Festival, which took place on Monday. This festival celebrates the full moon that appears biggest and closest to earth of any day in the year. It is also a time to, traditionally, celebrate the […]

Class Rules

Today we talked about our class rules. We talked in particular about the importance of Rule #2 in order to have peace and happiness in the classroom, school, and world. Then I charted the rules in front of the students, and I talked about how listening to my voice and watching as I write each […]